Sleeping Animal Trinket Box - Hippo



The sleeping animals are a whimsical take on the traditional wood carved animals found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. 

This creative, unique and fun Sleeping Hippo is exquisitely hand carved by artisans in Malawi.  This is not only a piece of art, but also a trinket box, the inside of which can be accessed by lifting the legs off.  While it is was created to lie down, it can actually stand as well, Which makes it even funnier, however after such a long lap, it is not as steady on its feet as it is in the intended position.

People of the Sun is a social enterprise that creates collaborations between artisans in Southern Malawi and designers overseas who help them to create contemporary designs by utilizing centuries old techniques passed down by their elders.  This in turn created much needed social and economic opportunities for the artisans, while supplying the market with quality and highly desirable home decor and furniture items.


Each animal is hand carved from jacaranda wood and painted by hand using a lead-free matte paint. 

Animals are packaged in a sturdy handmade box.

Colours: Black, Stone, Misty White, Mustard, Peacock, Terracotta

Sizes: Hippo: 18cm x 8cm x 10cm high