About Laurie

In essence, Laurie is MisHMasH, and MisHMasH an extension of Laurie.  Like MisHMasH, she is not single minded, nor is she all that focused, but she is passionate, has a good eye for design and a soft heart for a good story.  

Like many businesses, MisHMasH was, in a way, born out of conflict.  In 2010, her rose coloured glasses were shattered  when a flawed relationship came to grinding halt and a non-refundable ticket to South Africa with no back-up plan led to a two month volunteer stay with a newly founded elephant research unit and an unexpected bond with a young elephant calf who changed her life.  Two months became 3 1/2 years before Laurie returned to Canada full time in 2013. Since that time, she has continued to travel regularly to Southern Africa and to this day remains on the board of directors for the elephant Research Unit (AERU), but like many who have forever lost part of their soul to Africa, Laurie found returning to her life in Canada difficult and with Africa and the elephants always on her mind, she began structuring a life that would allow her to more easily divide her time between her friends and family in Canada and her friends and family (both elephant and human) in Africa.  

Having previously operated Roost Home Decor in Vancouver with her sister Cimone, Laurie was comfortable with sourcing and procuring product from overseas.  It was comfort with the procedures and a growing knowledge and familiarity with the arts and crafts scene in South Africa naturally led to the launch of MisHMasH as a way to help facilitate her passions and introduce local consumers to the talented artisans from Africa she has come to know and represent.



Above: Laurie with Thato at ages 2 (2010), 5 (2013) and 9 (2017)

Top: Teaching Fiela (5 weeks) to dust