About us

Based in Vancouver, Canada, MisHMasH is the inspiration of our proprietor; a modern day nomad with a vivid imagination, an ethical purpose and a good eye for design who stumbled upon a world of fascinating destinations, exotic cultures and talented artisans while living, working and traveling overseas.  She founded MisHMasH so she could continue to pursue an unconventional life and share her passions with us.

Most of the merchandise available at MisHMasH is comprised of a hand-picked selection of products discovered and gathered while living and traveling in Africa.  With a current focus on South Africa and Morocco, MisHMasH is strongly committed to sourcing unique designs from small artisanal shops and producers. 

Of the South African companies represented, some are community cooperatives developed to provide a sustainable income source for individuals living in rural communities, whereas others contract with, teach and employ artisans in rural communities and townships who can craft the products from their own homes and earn a sustainable income.

With Morocco, every effort has been made to work with independent owner operated companies who either do the work themselves or employ a small selection of artisans to work for them.  Great strides have been made in Morocco, by organizations such as Unesco, to preserve the cultural heritage of the communities by supporting and encouraging the support of artisans who create and build on traditional crafts that have been produced in Morocco for generations, thus ensuring their craft and traditions live on.

MisHMasH has also chosen to work with a small selection of drop ship companies, allowing us the opportunity to provide a more varied product range and to display our own photography and art work.  These items will be labeled accordingly so as to indicate which items are hand-crafted and which are not.   

To facilitate our ongoing support of elephant welfare and conservation, we have created F.I.E.R.C.E ivory (Foundation Investing in Elephant Research, Conservation and Education). Currently the philanthropic arm of the company, it is our hope that as both MisHMasH and F.I.E.R.C.E grow, it will eventually become its own entity. Until then, partial proceeds from the sale of anything and everything elephant or rhino will flow into F.I.E.R.C.E, where they will then be donated back into conservation initiatives in southern Africa.  For additional information on where our donations go and how much we donate, please follow the link provided or refer to the 'giving back' portion of our website.

 Contact us:  info@mishmashimports.com