GRI Elephant Orphan Project: $725.00 (donated Feb 13, 2019)  Donations were in the form of a video recording and media storage package to be used by the research unit to assist with vital data collection and behavioural observations at the Kafue Release Facility.

AERU - African Elephant Research Unit:  R1200.00 (120.00 CAD) Donation presented to Matriarch Sally while spending time with the research team on my annual visit in in January, 2019.


GRI Elephant Orphan Project: $715.00 (donated as of Feb, 2018)  Donations will contribute to the purchase of formula for milk dependent orphans.

African Elephant Research Unit:  $75.00 (donated on behalf of the grade 2 classes at St. John's School in Vancouver.  Donations contributed directly towards AERU's elephant enrichment program.  


GRI Elephant Orphan Project:  $400.00

Gibson's Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre :  $65.00

The Animal Project:  Donation of 100 scooby wire keychains to an inspirational group of girls at St. John's School, Vancouver who raised $609.50 at a school fundraiser, which they donated to WWF to aid endangered species.