We found Aretha a few years ago in her inspirational little booth in the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, and were stunned by what she was doing with re-purposed pull tabs.


Aretha Doyle started collecting can tabs for a local charity, and after having troubles locating the organization, she decided to use the tabs to make a small purse/handbag for herself. After people started commenting  about the bag and asking for one for themselves, Cool Tabs was born.

The tabs are collected from local restaurants, pubs and recycling depots. 

We are so pleased to carry Aretha's beautiful but simple little pull tab bracelets and small Christmas Decorations, but have to add that the rest of the Cool Tabs product line is pretty amazing, and we highly encourage you to see what else this talented young artisan creates.  

As with everything we carry, if you find something of hers that you would like and we don't carry it, please follow up with us directly and we can look into bringing it in with our upcoming order.  Most of our South African designers send us a shipment once per year, which arrives in the lead up to Christmas, around mid to late October.  Any orders we place outside of that would be subject to additional shipping charges.