Welcome to MisHMasH

Thanks for checking us out.  Who and what are we?  Well, we sell things, but more than a store, we are a passion with a store attached.  Of course we want you to find something you like and want to take home - The elephant keychains are awesome - however, it is equally important to us that you also enjoy, learn and become inspired.  Maybe you don't need a wire kudu head on your wall, but you know somebody who does, or perhaps you leave keen to learn more about elephant conservation; that would please us a great deal.  So take a wander, and who knows where you end up; it could be in the shopping cart, or could just as easily be planning a future trip to Africa.  Either way, we hope you find the journey enjoyable. 

If you have any questions, comments, requests or need recommendations - we know a lot about elephants and South Africa - please do reach out.

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