A hat that turns heads

These chic and elegant Raffia Hats add just simply wow.  The large brims allow them to provide a great deal of shade for your face, neck and shoulders.  They are fantastic beach hats and also great for sitting on your back deck on a sunny summer day. 

The hats are hand woven by crafters in Madagascar using locally sourced materials.  Hats are one size fits all, but do tend to fit a big larger. If they are a bit loose, we recommend strips of 'hat size reducer foam tape'

Raffia is a locally grown in Madagascar; it supports communities and individuals not only through farming, but more importantly in the art of creating product from the raw materials. Sadly, more and more raw material is being shipped overseas to be mass produced in factories before finding their way to market, leaving malagasy producers scrambling to find raw materials and paying a premium as supplies become more and more scarce. 


  • Handmade in Madagascar

  • Cloth Lined with drawstring closure

  • Hat Size: approx: 19cm diameter

  • Brim Size:  46 cm edge to edge