Noush Projects - Little Six - Lion Boy

By Noush

Exquisitely crafted sculptural African 'Doll' of hand-painted cast resin. 

Noush Projects is small bespoke artisan studio located in Durban, South Africa owned and operated by Dutch artist, Manoushka Kraal.  The inspiration for the Noush Dolls came from the iconic 1950's West African Clonette Dolls. Many considered them little angels that would look out for your loved ones and guide them through life.  Noush Dolls were created in that same spirit.

Lion Boy is one of a collection of Noush Dolls known as the 'little six' in reference to the classic big 5 safari animals.  This member of the little six is a young boy with a lion in his arms.  He is available all white with a gold lion and matching gold shoes

As Noush Dolls are painted and finished by hand, it is possible for them to be ordered in a variety of different styles. If you are interested in customizing piece, please contact us for details.


Weight: 510 grams

Size: 27cm High x 10cm wide x 9 1/2cm deep

Material:  Hand-painted cast resin