Professor Pedro is the creative director and proprietor of Professional Wireworks, where he employs a team of artisans who create art from wire.

Dream up an idea and chances are high he and his team can make it; we are only limited by our imagination.  Pedro's workshop is located near the Milnerton suburb of Cape Town. 


Pedro's career began in automotive engineering, however at a certain point he chose to follow in his uncle's footsteps, learning to carve stone, where he swiftly moved into producing gallery quality carvings in his native Zimbabwe. His career path once again took a different direction when a short trip to visit a friend in Cape Town in 2000 became permanent, with the stone carving market being flooded with cheap knock offs from overseas, Pedro needed a new art form to pursue, His friend introduced him to wire art, and while it took him only a week to learn (he jokes that his early work was 'rough'), it has taken years to perfect his technique, which is evident in the quality of work he and his team create.  


    Wire art can be customized in almost any colour by special order or request.  In an effort to keep costs down, we currently only place one order per year, so orders must be placed no later than the end of July (or earlier if a bespoke piece) so as to ensure they will be ready to ship mid-September.

        Bespoke pieces can also be designed upon request and consultation.  MisHMasH can work together with the client and Pedro to facilitate creation of the item.   











                                 wire artisan at work   wire artist at work   wire artist with twisted wire heart   wire artisan at work