Karoo Angels

An exquisite collection of delicate angel Ostrich feather and wire decorations hand crafted in South Africa's Karoo.

We believe in empowering communities while embracing beauty & championing hand-crafted artisanal production.

Design should not be stuffy or impersonal; embrace quirky or add something fun. Add a bit of this from here and that from there; old with new, classic with anything but. Create a well curated MisHMasH that expresses who you are.

Everything Elephant

A comprehensive selection of everything elephant. We donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of any elephant related product back to grass roots conservation efforts in Southern Africa

We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with should
tell a story; hand-crafted items have a soul, a heartbeat. They bring with
them a unique footprint that is the legacy of the crafter and, often,
the DNA of the materials, where they came from, where they were found
and how they came to be


Afrographic creates delightful artisan hand-crafted genuine leather Key Rings through their collaboration with crafters in the Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, South Africa

Toys with Big Hearts and Long Tales

Little Ndaba

Little Ndaba is an inspirational Zambian company working with rural women who lovingly hand craft each and every one of these precious toys.

With the purchase of each toy, we help Zambian women provide for their families and contribute to conservation.


Wildlife conservation, and elephant conservation in particular is our passion. Click here to learn more about the remarkable organizations we are proud to support