We believe in empowering artisans and communities while embracing beauty & championing hand-crafted artisanal production.

Design should not be stuffy or impersonal; We champion the idea of making things a bit quirky or adding a touch of fun. Add a bit of this from here and that from there; elegance with fun; old with new. Create a well curated MisHMasH that expresses who you are.

Guardian Angels

Karoo Angels Guardian angel with a white ostrich feather body and delicate crocheted wire wings. Available in 3 colours

Everything Elephant

Comprehensive selection of everything elephant. We donate a portion of our proceeds from the sale of any elephant related product

We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with should tell a story; hand-crafted items have a soul, a heartbeat. They bring with them, a unique footprint that is the legacy of the crafter and, often, the DNA of the materials; where they came from, where they were found, how they came to be.

Our Mascot Eugene

Eugene joined the MisHMasH family in 2017.  This cheeky little rhino has become somewhat of an Instagram celebrity with our friends, family and supports.  However, he is not only cute, but helps us spread an important message about endangered species conservation and Ethical trade.