Karoo Angels



These stunning little Karoo Angels come from heart of South Africa, where the angel production is shared by two individual craft cooperatives within two separate communities in a remote region of the Baavianskloof in South Africa's Eastern Cape.  

Prior to the creation of the crafting cooperatives, the residents of these communities relied on food stamps and income assistance to survive in a location that allowed little opportunity for employment.   Vondeling Optel Craft was born in 2006 and was later joined by the Rietbron cooperative in 2015.  While both cooperatives are small employing less than 10 crafters full time, during busy times of the year, additional members of the community also become involved.  In the case of Vondeling, a community of only 29 families, the entire community plays a part.

While both cooperatives contribute to the Karoo Angel product line, each one makes only specific angels that are relevant to their community.  Not only are the angels beautiful and elegant, but each style is given an name which always has a meaning, but also means something to them, resulting in many of the angels being named after the crafters themselves.

MisHMasH markets and sells the angels as Christmas decorations, however they have also been purchased and used for other purposes, such as in memory of a lost loved one, a talisman above a babies crib or in a car, and simply as a cute ornament to hang in a window.

We cannot express how excited and proud we are to be representing this organization.