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'Together we can weave a better life'    


tintsaba woven sisal basket.mixed colours


20 Master Weavers

Bordering South Africa and Mozambique,the small Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) is home to Tintsaba, a small but mighty company expertly weaving baskets and jewellery from Sisal. 






Tintsaba dyed loose sisal fibres in artisan's hands


Working with 33 Women's Groups

Tintsaba was founded in 1985 by Shelia Freemantle, who had a vision to work with  the women of rural eSwatini in an effort to help empower them to grow both personal and financial independence.  Since that time,  more than 1000 rural emaSwazi women have been involved. 







tintsaba multi colour sisal & sisal bracelet



A passion for excellence & Respect for the Earth

Recognized worldwide for their innovation and refined weaving techniques.Tintsaba is dedicated to developing beautiful pieces by utilizing eco-sensitive techniques and using natural materials.




Shop Collection

Tintsaba offers up a selection of baskets, sterling silver jewellery and natural sisal jewellery.  Within each collection, both single colours and a multi colour collections are possible.


    Tintsaba sterling silver and sisal jewellery   Tintsaba sisal bangles multi colour



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