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blocart salvaged up cycled wood block art pieces in shape of a heart
BlocArt was founded in 2010 quite by accident when Cape Town artist Kenau Botha found herself combing through neighbourhood factory sites in search of inspiration to make a gift for a friend's birthday. After salvaging discarded and  antique wooden items she deemed too beautiful to throw away, she cut them up and glued them back together into what was to become the first piece BlocArt would make; a heart.








blocART crafter working on a piece of salvaged wood art

Now an established producer of artisan upcycled wall art, Botha and her team no longer need to comb through trash in search of discarded wood, instead they source from building sites and recycling depots, intercepting the wood before it goes to landfill.  In addition to utilizing reclaimed wood, this resourceful team also repurposes other items such as fabric, paint and packaging materials as much as they can. 







blocART salvaged wood block wal art in shape of a grizzly bear in shades of whites and creams

As BlocArt is working almost entirely with reclaimed materials and the process is all by hand, every piece is unique and brings with it a little bit of history in the life stories of the wood gathered together to create unique new pieces of art.








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