Our Artisan Partners

MisHMasH proudly represents a dynamic and inspiring collection of individual artisans, social ventures and small companies who work closely with rural artisans and community crafters. 

Artisan training, sustainable wages, personal and community development and economic empowerment are a focus and at times were the catalyst with all of the organizations we collaborate with, and many of these artisans and crafters are women.  It is widely accepted in the developed world that the education and empowering women is of vital importance, and by placing a strong focus on women, our artisan partners know that by empowering them both personally and financially, they will in turn enrich and educate their own children and their communities.   By creating art, they are also creating opportunity. 

MisHMasH stands behind the  'Trade not Aid' philosophy, and have seen first hand how fostering trade is a more productive and positive way to encourage economic growth in developing or marginalized communities.  While aid creates a culture of dependency, trade encourages strength, independence, stability and pride. 

We are proud to offer up beautiful products created by empowered artisans creating beauty from reclaimed, sustainable and/or locally sourced materials by utilizing traditional crafting techniques that at times are combined with modern technology. With all this we can present to you unique items that have soul....A story.