Welcome to MisHMasH; the vision of a modern day nomad with a vivid imagination, an ethical purpose and a background in design who stumbled upon a world of fascinating destinations, exotic cultures and talented artisans while living, working and traveling overseas.  I created MisHMasH so I could continue to pursue an unconventional life and share my passions with others.

In a way, MisHMasH was born out of conflict when a flawed relationship came to grinding halt and a non-refundable ticket to South Africa with no back-up plan led to a career and life changing experience with elephants. Three and a half years learning about, and more importantly from, elephants left our founder with the desire to continue her connections with Africa and elephants when she returned to Canada.  We started with one product; gorgeous little leather elephant keychains by Afrographic, as a way to donate money back to elephant conservation, and blossomed from there.

MisHMasH founder Laurie with elephants Keisha and Thato


Our merchandise is comprised of a hand-picked selection of artisan handmade products discovered and gathered while living and traveling in Africa.  While there is a strong focus on South Africa, we also work with awesome suppliers in Zambia, Morocco and Madagascar, and as we are always traveling and exploring, expect new discoveries to emerge. 

Mutually beneficial relationships are of the upmost importance to us, and as such, we are committed to sourcing unique designs from small artisanal shops and producers.  We work with small cooperatives developed to provide a sustainable income source for crafters living in rural communities, whereas others contract with, teach and employ artisans in townships who can craft the products from within the safety of their own locations and earn a sustainable income.

To facilitate our ongoing support of elephant welfare and conservation, a percentage of the sales from any product featuring an elephant or rhino, or any of the Little Ndaba toys, regardless of what they are, is donated back to elephant conservation initiatives in southern Africa and in some cases, to other causes here at home.  For additional information on donations, please refer to the Philanthropy portion of our website, or contact us at info@mishmashimports.com