People Of The Sun is an award winning Social Enterprise empowering low income artisans in Malawi to tap into the knowledge passed down through centuries old cultural heritage and traditions and utilize this to build sustainable businesses through collaboration, design and trade.



smiling malawian artisan wood carver displaying an ostrich he is working on
People Of The Sun seeks out highly skilled and motivated crafters and artisans and supports them to develop their business by providing access to modern design, a platform to sell their products, funds to set themselves up as social enterprises and interest-free loans to invest in equipment and materials that will allow them to grown and prosper. 









people of the sun black giraffe wall hook

Through the development of innovative collaborations between crafters and designers worldwide, the organization can further ensure that the irresistible and unique designs will be in demand and highly sought after, allowing the artisan enterprises to steadily grow and prosper, slowing enriching their communities alongside themselves.  The purchase of an artisan handmade piece from People of the Sun helps improve the lives of more than 600 Malawian artisans, their families and community members.



Shop Collection

MisHMasH is currently offering the Sleeping Animal and Animal Wall Hooks Collections created by the Bangwe Wood Carvers

a collection of hand carved 'sleeping animals'    wall hooks in the shape of African animal heads