Little Ndaba Handcrafted Toys


'Toys with big hearts and long tales' is the motto of this amazing little social enterprise from Zambia.  After coming up empty in a search for a decent stuffed toy for her young daughter, Charles Barr started Little Ndaba with the intention of filling that gap, however in doing so, she also wanted to create an environment that provided a sustainable livelihood for rural Zambian women.  The result is a beautiful little organization that sees women gathering together to create a selection of the most endearing and loveable little stuffed toys one could ever wish for.  In addition to providing sustainable and meaningful employment, Little Ndaba also creates a number of awesome little animals for select non profit organizations in Zambia and, when possible donates proceeds back to community development, animal welfare and wildlife conservation projects throughout the country. 

Here at MisHMasH, we donate 5% of the sale of every Little Ndaba toy back to Game Rangers International (GRI) Elephant Orphan Project in Zambia; a cause very close to our hearts.  For more information on this project, please visit the 'giving' portion of our website