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'Toys with big hearts and long tales'; the well earned tagline of this amazing little social enterprise from Zambia.  




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After coming up empty in the search for a decent stuffed toy for her young daughter, Charles Barr started Little Ndaba with the intention of filling that gap, however in doing so, she also created a supportive and creative environment that provides a vital and sustainable livelihood for rural Zambian women, and together, they create a selection of the most endearing and lovable little stuffed toys one could ever wish for.  








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 In an effort to create as welcome and inclusive an environment as possible and do all they can to remove the barriers preventing women from working, Little Ndaba offers the women the opportunity to work from home, together in community groups, or at the Little Ndaba Studio, and in all cases, the ladies are encouraged to bring their little ones with them. 








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In order to reach women in distant communities, the production of toys is split into two parts; making the pieces, and joining them together.  The piece work can be done from home or within rural communities, whereas the ladies living close to the studio are responsible for joining the piecework together. 









little ndaba conservation collectionLittle Ndaba donates a portion of the proceeds from all toy sales back to marine & wildlife conservation and community development & human/wildlife conflict initiatives.  Additionally, they create a number of awesome creatures for select non profit organizations who sell the toys to raise vital resources.








For more in depth insight into this beautiful little company we are so very proud to represent, please visit their website and take a tour; we promise you won't be disappointed



MisHMasH donates 10% of the sale of almost every Little Ndaba toy back to Game Rangers International (GRI) Elephant Orphan Project in Zambia; a cause very close to our hearts.  The only exception is with the Manzi Seapod collection, where the donations are forwarded to a chosen marine conservation organization with Canada.  For more information on either of these project, please visit the philanthropy portion of our website.

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