We will make every attempt to expand this section as questions arise, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Can I order a product in a colour other than what is shown on your website?

  • Yes, many of the product we sell can be ordered in custom colours, however not all.  Custom orders can be included at no additional charge if we are able to include them in an upcoming shipment. If separate shipment is required, then additional charges would apply.  Please email us at info@mishmash.com with your request.

Is veg-tan leather vegan leather?

  • No. Vegan leather (vinyl) is a man-made petroleum by-product. Veg-tan leather is a "chromium-free" method of tanning hides that is free of harmful chemicals. The process utilizes natural tannins found in some plant species, by using the barks, branches, leaves and fruit to obtain the desired colours. The slightly thicker leather keeps its shape when it has been soaked and molded into a specific shape, which is why it is used to make the animal keychains.
  • The shark was designed so no soaking and molding would be necessary, thus allowing Vincent and his team to use off-cuts from his handbag designs to produce the sharks.  The sharks are not veg-tan leather.

Can you create customized items?

  • Yes, with certain companies, we can create customized pieces.  This is most easily achieved with any of the wire or wire/bead items.  If there is a custom item you have in mind, please email us at info@mishmashimports.com with details about the design (what is it, photos if possible, desired size, desired quantity).  We can then follow up with the artisans, obtain a quote and proceed from there. 

Product variances

  • As all items are handmade by individual artisans, slight variations in style are to be expected. Like our own fingerprints, every product has its own unique features and no two are ever the same.  These are hallmark traits of handmade products and one of the features that makes them so special.



Why do only certain products qualify for overseas shipping?

  • Due to the enormous cost of shipping most product overseas, we have chosen to limit the items available to ship to only small items that fall within a reasonable shipping price.  If you are interested in one of our pieces that is not available to ship overseas, please contact us at info@mishmashimports.com and we will follow up with shipping costs for the product and determine if you wish to proceed.

Why the large discrepancy in shipping prices between the baby elephant keychains and the rest of the product. 

  • The baby elephant keychains, scooby wire keychains and magnets are all flat enough to fit within the size requirements for letter parcels, which then allows us to ship the items as letters instead of as parcels.  The pricing discrepancy is greater in Canada due to parcels size restrictions set out by Canada Post for Canadian shipments. 
  • If at any time we are able to ship an item or items to you that will qualify for a lower shipment box size than anticipated, we will issue a refund to you for the difference.



Why do you support an organization that works with elephants in tourism?

  • Technically, we don't, we support an organization that monitors elephants within a tourism facility.  The issue of animal welfare and animals rights is often far more complex that we fully understand.  Living in working in Africa and seeing the real impact and consequences of a number of initiatives and proposals laid the foundation for what is still and will always be a an issue that continues to change and evolve.  While we are firm supporters of animal welfare initiatives, we are however not always fully in support of the actions or tactics of some animal rights groups. No issue is ever simply black and white; right or wrong and while we do believe that all animals should be free, we also believe that as long as humans exist and continue to expand in population, this will never be possible. The organizations we support are all comprised of passionate and dedicated people who make a conscious effort to make a positive difference in the lives of animals within all environments, whether they be in the wild, domesticated or anything in between, and we have witnessed first hand how their influence can improve the lives of those animals.