Angels - Wire



Made of only of crocheted wire with beads and sequins, Sari is elegant and sparkly.  

Coming to us from the Baviaans region of South Africa's beautiful Karoo, the hand-crafted angels are produced by small craft cooperatives located within two remote villages.  The angel project is their only form of income and the success of the project has contributed a great deal to improving their lives and benefiting their communities.

All of the angel styles have been given names by the crafters who make them, many of which are after the ladies themselves and others within the community.

Sari means "Princess"

Intended as a Christmas Tree decoration, the angels also make beautiful gifts and can have a variety of uses.  We have seen them suspended from the rear view mirror in a car, above a baby's crib, gifted or purchased in memory of a lost loved one or simply to add to a collection. 
  • Sari Baba: 10 cm
  • Sari Tiny: 15 cm
  • Sari Tiny Silver: 15 cm
  • Sari Medium: 35 cm (of fine gauge silver coated copper wire)
  • Material:  This angel is made entirely of wire, so is vegan friendly.
  • Name Meaning: Princess


For additional information about the angels and where or how they are made, visit our Karoo Angel Artisan Profile