Elephant Clothes Hook



Hand made from colourful telephone wire, this comical elephant clothes hook will look fantastic in a children's room or as a fun addition to any part of your home. 

The craft of Zulu telephone wire art is based on traditional basket weaving and was conceived by Zulu night watchmen, who would weave discarded telephone wire around their security sticks to keep themselves busy. This trend was then transformed by the women who then used the materials and technique to create colourful bowls, baskets and novelty items. 

As all items are individually crafted, often by more than one crafters, differences such as how fat they are and variations should be expected.  Please take note that if we have an elephant that is the same colour, but one is skinny and one fat, or one has white eyes and the other black, we will display them separately, so if you choose a blue skinny elephant, you will receive a blue skinny elephant. 

  • Size: 29x23x3cm 
  • 5% from the purchase of each elephant will be donated to elephant research, conservation and education efforts in Southern Africa.  Please refer to the giving portion of our website for additional information.