Ewa 2022 Angel of the year


'There is an angel factory in the Karoo'

These magical little angels are skillfully crafted by hand in two remote villages in the beautiful Baviaans region of South Africa's Karoo.

While all Karoo Angels are special, Ewa, the 2022 Angel of the year is even more meaningful in that she has been created in honour of the remarkable Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu, who passed away in December of 2021

Mpilo, the Archbishop's middle name means 'Life', which is also the meaning of the name 'Ewa'. Quite simply, Life itself is cause for celebration. 

As Ewa is a limited edition angel, she will only be available while supplies last


  • Size: 15-17cm

  • Colour: White Ostrich Feather Bodice

  • Styles:
    • Purple ©precosia bead at neck with a white beaded halo and white beads on her wings
    • Origin:  South Africa

    • Material:  Locally sourced ostrich feather and wire with imported beads

    • Ethically Sourced Angel Decoration

    • Artisan Hand Crafted

    • For additional information about the angels and where or how they are made, visit our Karoo Angel Artisan Profile