Knit Wire Animals


Handmade by Professor Pedro and his team of guys at Professional Wireworks in the Dunoon Township outside of Cape Town, South Africa.  Each piece is a little piece of art, and is unique and individually hand crafted of twisted galvanized steel wire.  

The process of making art by twisting wire is quite difficult and requires strong hands, which is why it is more common to see the art form practiced by men rather than women. 

The owls with colour are powder coated and the rusted wire is a fast natural rusting process.  While we usually only show the colours we have available in inventory, we are happy to pre-order one for you, please refer to our FAQ page for more information. Standard colours are gold, black, natural metal, rusted metal, blue, white and red, but they can be made in most any colour.

  • Size: approx 16cm x 16cm x 26cm