Wire Karoo Angel Earrings



Delicate Knit Wire Angel Earrings

Hand Crafted tiny little Juweel angels that are so small and delicate, they can be created only by the most skilled of the Karoo Angels crafters.  Each angel is knit by hand of ultra thin coated copper wire and adorned with a Precosia© bead.

Angels can be accompanied by a matching angel pendant, or stand confidently on their own. 

The earrings are very light and are suitable choice for delicate little earlobes.


  • The name Juweel means 'Foundling Gem' in Africaans

  • Size: approx 2.5 cm

  • Style
    • Ruby Red
    • Rose Gold
    • Silver
  • Material:  Ultra thin copper coated wire

  • Origin:  South Africa

  • Ethically Sourced Angel Decoration

  • Artisan Hand Crafted Christmas Angel

  • For additional information about the angels and where or how they are made, visit our Karoo Angel Artisan Profile