Conservation Elephants



Little Ndaba creates toys with a mission.

The conservation collection represents a very special segment of the toys produced by Little Ndaba, in that each of these gorgeous little crocheted elephants represents an actual elephant orphan currently in the care of the remarkable team at Game Rangers International, Zambia, where they rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned baby elephants.

Currently employing 102 women from across rural Zambia, Little Ndaba provides a vital and sustainable source of income to the crafters and contributions back to species protection.  MisHMasH donates 10% of the purchase price from each Little Ndaba toy to Game Rangers International Elephant Orphan Project.  Please refer to Philanthropy page for additional information

Toys from the Safari Collection represent actual elephant orphans. Each orphan's story can be found below, and images of the actual orphan elephants can be found on the Game Rangers International Website


The Elephants

  • Tuko: When little Tuko was first rescued, she was so frail that keepers were hesitant to name her.  The care, love and encouragement she received from the team and the other orphans helped this little one pull through, at which time she was named Lufutuko, the 'one who survived' in the Tonga language.  Tuko is known for her playful nature, which includes playing with branches, which is reflected in the branch she carries in her trunk.
  • Kakaro: Named for the spot where he was found in East Zambia where the Luangwa and Zamebezi rivers meet, little Kakaro bravely swam to the safety of a nearby island when his mother was tragically poached for her tusks. When he was found on the island by local fishermen, they noticed he was missing his tail, which had likely been bitten off by a crocodile.  Kakaro's distinguishing feature is his wee little tail as a reminder of his bravery
  • Kasewe: This little elephant was only 9 months old when her mother was shot for crop raiding in Mozambique. Sabina, a local teacher, found her wandering alone along the Kasewe stream, and together with her family, caught Kasewe, restraining her with a Chitenge (traditional cloth often used as a skirt). As such, Kasewe's distinguishing feature is a piece of Chitenge cloth attached to her ear.
  • Olimba: This wee one's story begins with her being discovered terrified next to her dying mother who had been caught in a poacher's snare and shot three times.  Tragically the mother's injuries were too severe and she was euthanized.  Little Olimba, who's name means "strong heart", has grown into a strong, caring and nurturing little elephant with her bold stripes representing her strength of character.



  • Size: approximately 15cm long

  • Crocheted from 100% cotton dyed by the Little Ndaba crafters and stuffed using locally sourced acrylic fluff by-product

  • Toys are best wiped clean, but can be washed in the washing machine. If machine washed, toys may require additional cuddles afterward

  • Due to the handmade nature, while similar, no two are the same, and each one has its own unique personality and characteristics.