Creating art from wire

Meet the smallest members of the kudu head wall art collection.  These little guys are not large enough to take centre stage, unless it is in a very small area, however, they are large enough to make an impact.  They are cute, fun and multi functional in that they can be a quirky place to hang a piece of jewellery or keys, or can stand on their own or as part of an art wall. 

Each piece is made of wire twisted wire and manipulated entirely by hand by Professor Pedro and his team of artisans at Professional Wireworks in the northern suburb of Dunoon in Cape Town.

The process of making art by twisting wire is quite difficult and requires strong hands, which is perhaps one of the reasons why wire art artisans are often men


  • Size: 9 x 17 x 7 cm high
  • Material:  Galvanized Steel Wire either raw or powder coated
  • Origin:  South Africa
  • Pieces are not recommended for outdoor use or use in excessively damp or moist environments, as any exposed wire will rust, unless of course rusted wire is a patina you are happy with.
  • Artisan Crafted
  • We only showcase images of in stock items, however pieces are available in their standard colours of:  black, white, natural, blue, red, gold & rusted metal.
  • If you are interested in placing a special order, please refer to FAQ for additional information.