LLama Portrait Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

By BlocArt

BlocArt is recognized in South Africa for their creative repurposed wood wall art.

A Llama with attitude, this awesome and whimsical Llama portrait could be fantastic in a children's room, but has enough snoot that it could also be a fun and quirky addition to a carefully curated art wall.

Being hand made items of natural and re-purposed materials, marks and flaws in the wood are to be expected and are what makes the pieces so special.



  • Size:  19 x 35 x 3cm

  • It is not uncommon for the material to bend slightly or change as it ages, develops and adjusts to its new environment. Each pieces has a wood backing, so changes are small, but they do occur.

  • Products are not recommended for outdoor use.  If used outdoors, ageing, warping and cracking is likely and would occur more rapidly.

  • For more information on how the pieces are made and how they came to be, visit our BlocArt artisan profile