Hippo Key Ring



Afrographic's vision and passion is to support animal and humanitarian organizations in South Africa through the creation and sale of their locally designed handcrafted leather key rings

How can you not love these beautifully detailed hippo Keychains?  Smaller than the average hippo, but large enough to find easily in the bottom of a handbag, we can think of few animals more fierce than a hippo to protect your cherished keys. They can also be used as zip buddy on a backpack or a fun addition to the outside of a handbag.

 Afrographic is a collaboration between a small quality leather goods atelier in Cape Town and crafters in the Khayelitsha township.  The leather is organically tanned and sourced from small producers along the East Coast of South Africa, and great care goes into the cutting, hand stitching and finishing of each piece.


  • Size: 7 x 4.5 x 5cm
  • Exceptional quality, durable and long lasting

  • Handmade of naturally treated veg-tan leather (cowhide) locally sourced from within South Africa.

  • The production of the keychains provides a fair wage and empowerment to women who would otherwise struggle to find sustainable employment.