Karoo Angels Classic - Medium Size - Cream


  • 'There is an angel factory in the Karoo'

These magical little angels are skillfully crafted by hand in two remote villages in the beautiful Baviaans region of South Africa's Karoo.

These classic angels are medium sized with cream ostrich feathers, knit wire wings with variations in bead colours to complement each style and felted wool heads with beaded halos to match beads on wings. 

What makes these angels even more magical, is every style has a name, and a meaning to that name, which is on a card attached to each angel.

Intended as a Christmas Tree decoration, the angels also make beautiful gifts and can have a variety of uses.  We have seen them sussended from the rear view mirror in a car, above a baby's crib, gifted or purchased in memory of a lost loved one or simply to add to a collection.


  • Size: 15-17cm
  • Colour: Cream Ostrich Feather
  • Meaning of Names:
    • Charlene:  I Am Free
      • Edwina:  Valuable Friend
        • Origin:  South Africa

        • Material:  Locally sourced ostrich feather and wire with imported beads

        • Ethically Sourced Angel Decoration

        • Artisan Hand Crafted Christmas Angel

        • For additional information about the angels and where or how they are made, visit our Karoo Angel Artisan Profile