Moose Key Ring




Moose Key Ring

Afrographic was founded in 2002 in Cape Town, South Africa, and is a collaboration between a small quality leather goods atelier in the city and crafters in the Khayelitsha township. The leather is organically tanned and sourced from small producers along the East Coast of South Africa, and great care goes into the cutting, hand stitching and finishing of each piece. The finishing studio location in Khayelitsha allows the crafters the opportunity to work from within the safety of their community and spend more time with their families.


  • Exceptional quality, durable and long lasting
  • Handmade of veg-tan cowhide
  • The production of the keychains provides a fair wage and empowerment to women who would otherwise struggle to find sustainable employment.
  • The naturally treated veg-tan leather (cowhide) is from the east coast of South Africa.
  • Size: 9 x 2 (5.5 with antler span) x 5cm
The Moose Key Ring was specially made for MisHMasH and is not a regular item produced by Afrographic.