Snuggly Sea Pod Octopus



    Little Ndaba creates toys with a mission.

    Groups of women from Zambia gather to knit and crochet adorable cuddly stuffed toys, providing a vital source of income for rural women while raising awareness for at risk species conservation. These artisan handmade toys are certified child friendly, made with 100% African cotton and stuffed with locally sourced acrylic by-product.  

    Manzi Sea Pod Octopus is a smarty pants, so if you go to sleep with an octopus at your side, don't be surprised to wake and find him at the computer studying calculus or doing behavioural observations on the family dog.

    Little Ndaba makes contributions back to species protection with each purchase and MisHMasH donates 10% of the purchase price from each toy is donated back to grass roots conservation efforts in Southern Africa.  Please refer to Philanthropy page for additional information.

    The word Manzi means 'water' in Zambia, and the Manzi Sea Pod collection was designed to bring awareness to climate change and ocean care.


    • Size: approximately 25cm long from head to toe

    • Made from 100% cotton and stuffed locally sourced acrylic fluff

    • Toys are best wiped clean, but can be washed in the washing machine. If machine washed, toys may require additional cuddles afterward

    • Due to the handmade nature of the toys, no two are exactly the same, and each one has its own unique personality and characteristics.