Sterling Silver & Sisal Rings



Tintsaba is recognized worldwide for their refined high quality sisal basketry & finely crafted jewellery.

Since its inception in 1985, they have trained and worked with upwards of 1000 women in rural eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), creating exquisite hand woven baskets and jewellery of natural sustainable sisal, while helping rural women achieve personal and financial independence.

The sisal used is a non native plant to eSwatini.  It is harvested utilizing methods that create minimal environmental impact and processed with non-hazardous dyes. The water used to dye the fabrics is recycled and the wood used to provide the fuel for the process is an alien invasive species. 

Tintsaba employs a traditional weaving technique called coiled weave; it is a highly intricate and time consuming process, and it takes skill to produce work fine enough for the jewellery collection


  • Gallery grade (Technically Perfect) hand woven sisal discs

  • Discs are 1cm diameter set in sterling silver frames

  • One size fits all - adjustable